As yet another wave of COVID-19 sends Nova Scotians back into lockdown, you may be reminiscing about the times when you could participate in community events, interact with people on the street, or just chat with your neighbours less than 6 feet apart. In order to beat the isolation blues, here are some small ways that you can give back to your neighbourhood and reconnect with your community in a safe way.  

#1. No green thumb? No problem.

Pick up a free “together apart” seed distribution kit, courtesy of HRM Parks and Recreation. According to the HRM Neighbourhood Placemaking website, the purpose of the kits is to “provide ways to bring neighbours together through shared community-focused activities while remaining physically distant…in lieu of our regular neighbourhood placemaking projects.” The kits are designed to be shared among neighbours and offer vegetable/flower and full sun/partial sun options. Find the application form to pick up a free kit here.

#2. Spice up your next daily walk and do some good

If the days are all blending together and you need to switch up your routine, grab a pair of gloves and a garbage bag and pick up a few pieces of litter on your next stroll around the block. You can also request free clean-up supplies from The Great Nova Scotia Pick Me Up when their programs resume. 

#3. Don’t forget your mask

Wearing a mask in public spaces protects you and others in your community. Pick up a free RadStorm mask making kit for a fun stay-at-home activity and a practical DIY! To register, fill out their form here

#4. Support local (if you can)

Local businesses need more support than ever right now. If you’re looking to satisfy your cravings, order takeout from a local restaurant in your area. Check out this list of local businesses that are still open for takeout from  Taste of Nova Scotia. 

#5. Let someone else have the last word

Consider donating old books to a mini community library in your neighbourhood, like this one in the North End. If you take a new book home with you, don’t forget to give it a quick wipe with sanitizer. If there are no mini libraries in your neighbourhood, you can order one for your community (or, if you’re up to the challenge, build your own!) 

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We hope that these ideas have inspired you to safely reconnect with your community during this time of isolation. Hang in there, Halifax!

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