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PLANifax specializes in videos about community planning, with experience working on a wide range of topics that include transportation, housing, and tourism.

Though we’re a non-profit, we do collaborate on client projects that align with our mission to inspire community members to think critically, understand, and advocate for their community.

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Past Projects

Driving Reductions in Our GHG Emissions (2021)

Increasing the number of electric vehicles on our roads is one viable option for reducing GHG emissions. However, those wishing to purchase an electric vehicle in Nova Scotia face several barriers.  

PLANifax partnered with the Ecology Action Centre to disseminate the findings of the Dunsky Energy Consulting report on EV feasibility in Nova Scotia. The video examined barriers and solutions in an accessible style aimed at both the general public and policy makers.

Discover Halifax Tourism Master Plan (2020)

Before the COVID-19 pandemic Halifax hosted over 5 million overnight stays through tourism each year. To ensure the tourism industry grew strategically and in line with community goals, Discover Halifax created a Tourism Master Plan.

PLANifax attended public engagement sessions and collaborated with stakeholders to create a video that would inform Nova Scotian’s about the development of the plan and the benefits it will provide.

The Port of Halifax: Past, Present and Future (2019)

The Port of Halifax wanted to share the story of the Port’s significant role in the local and Provincial economies with residents of the city.

PLANifax helped the Port create two videos that told the story of the Port’s past, and what is has planned for the future, to ensure it remains a competitive player in the global shipping industry. The videos were aimed at informing the residents of Halifax, but also to be viewed by a global audience who may be unfamiliar with the city.

Dalhousie Planning: Rental Housing Policy (2019)

To promote Dr. Ren Thomas’s research on rental housing policy, PLANifax collaborated to produce “Will Only the Strong Survive” –  a succinct summary of the findings that widened the exposure of the research. 

The video features Dr. Thomas presenting key policies and explores how barriers to these policies can be overcome. In addition to the dissemination of research findings, the video also aimed to explore how video, as a medium, could be used as an engagement tool in planning.