What are you? Urban planners, an advocacy group, or a media company?

Our current staff members are graduates of Dalhousie University’s School of Planning, with degrees in Urban Design, Planning, and Masters of Planning.

We like to think of PLANifax as a media-focused advocacy group. With technology constantly changing, we feel that advocacy should change with it. Using video as an education and engagement tool allows us to widen our engagement. 

As a non-profit, how are you able to take on client projects?

Our work takes on many forms – while we do contract work for government organizations and private partners, all of our profits go towards our mission – to inspire community members to think critically, understand, and advocate for their community through digitized public engagement.

This often takes the form of community videos on topics that our staff and viewers have expressed interest in learning more about, but can also come in other forms, like infographics and public engagement events. 

What do you mean when you say “planning”?

We recognize a need for more accessible information on the technical side of planning. However, we also understand that before any planning idea can be adopted as policy or law, it first needs to be imagined, discussed, and investigated.

When we say planning, we refer to all aspects of our community that co-exist and co-create our common future. These can be things like active transportation investments, patio regulation or housing economics. Public engagement is a critical step in this process and we believe in supporting public discourse through interactive, effective and enjoyable dissemination of planning information. 

Who can join? And how do I join?

As a non-profit co-operative, our community includes the audience that watches our videos but also the community members that want to be part of the engagement process.

We encourage volunteers from all backgrounds and with varying levels of experience to reach out and join our volunteer email list. Our volunteer programs offer opportunities to be on the front lines of public engagement and to learn the basics of video production. Check out the “Get Involved” page for more information or use our contact form to reach out and join our volunteer email list.