Are you urban planners, an advocacy group, or a media company?

Our current staff members are graduates of Dalhousie University’s School of Planning, with degrees in Urban Design, Planning, and Masters of Planning Studies.

We like to think of PLANifax as a media-focused advocacy group. With technology constantly changing, we feel that advocacy should change with it. Using video as an education and engagement tool allows us to reach more people than by hosting meetings and is more entertaining than a PowerPoint presentation.

As you a non-profit, do you work as “contractors” for community groups, local governments, corporations, developers, etc.?

The work we do takes on many forms – while we do occasionally do contract work for government organizations and private clients, all of our funds go towards making videos with topics that our staff and viewers have expressed interest in learning more about. Taking on contract work allows us to make pro-bono videos for community organizations that lack funding, such as our SpryProud video for the Spryfield Community Association, or the Jump In! video for the Jump In non-profit.

Our mandate is to increase public engagement and education on regional planning issues, new developments, changes to public transit, and updated by-laws and policies, and we’ve found that a mix of pro-bono and contract videos allows us to cover a wider range of topics and get the “inside scoop” from the Municipal or Provincial departments in charge of various projects.

How do I join?

We accept volunteers from all backgrounds and encourage anyone interested to reach out and join our volunteer email list. Please use our contact form to get in touch.

Please note that social distancing requirements will be followed and volunteer spots are currently limited to follow provincial health guidelines.