We may not have won an Oscar or Emmy yet, but PLANifax has been recognized by several institutions for the work we do in helping to better engage citizens within the community.

Dalhousie Impact Award (2017)

The Dalhousie Impact Award is annual event that recognize outstanding individuals and student groups that impact our community.

Byung Jun Kang, one of the founders of PLANifax, was awarded the Dalhousie Impact Award for student entrepreneur of the year in the 2016-2017. It is awarded to a student who has demonstrated excellence in generating an innovative idea, concept, or business. The student uses their leadership, vision, and focus to make their ideas come to fruition.

From left: Uytae Lee and Byung Jun Kang of PLANifax.

API Communication and Outreach Award (2016)

The Atlantic Planners Institute (API) introduced its first Annual Planning Excellence Awards at the Annual Conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland Labrador in July of 2011. These awards honour the best in professional planning work undertaken by members in communities and regions across Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

PLANifax was awarded the 2016 API Communication and Outreach Award for their Centre Plan Video Series on behalf of the Halifax Regional Municipality. The videos communicated information about a planning process, stimulate discussion, promote planning and the value of planning to create greater awareness among citizens.

From left: Sam Murphy, API President and Uytae Lee of PLANifax.

CKC Best Presentation Award (2016)

Byung Jun Kang presented on behalf of PLANifax at the CKC Annual Entrepreneurship Conference in Ottawa. He received the award for best presentation among new entrepreneurs.