PLANifax Production Co-operative Limited was founded by Byung Jun Kang and Uytae Lee. The name “PLANifax” is a portmanteau of “planning” and “Halifax”. The two undergraduate Community Design students realized that there were more videos on YouTube about astrophysics than about municipal planning, and decided to create their own videos to create accessible content explaining planning issues that Halifax residents could understand.

A first attempt was made in the fall of 2013, but after regrouping with seven friends in January of 2014, PLANifax was born. The production co-operative was officially founded on January 8, 2014. Since then, their first video, “Metro Transit is Changing”, premiered at Plan Out Loud in April 2014. The Coast, a weekly newspaper in Halifax, contacted the founders to offer payment to produce additional content. Gaining the Coast as a podium created much momentum for PLANifax, and the co-operative has continued to this day, independently, to produce informative and engaging content.


PLANifax has a mandate to inspire the public to think critically, understand, and advocate for their community by informing and engaging the public through the digitized form. Its vision is that every community member will have a basic knowledge of urban and land use planning theories, and will be aware of local issues and development projects so that they may make informed decisions.